Kakehole & Mr Popol

Circus Wonderland is proud to present Britain’s favourite clowns, with their unique blend of mirth, music and mayhem!

Mr Popol is the elegant whiteface clown who tries to bring a touch of class to the performance, but unfortunately Kakehole is always on hand to cause chaos!


Kakehole’s cheeky, mishievous persona make him very popular with audiences, but be warned, you could get wet!


The duo have twice been voted ‘Best Circus Comedy Act’, and they return to Circus Wonderland to scale new summits of silliness in a cascade of crazy comical capers.





Grace Olivia

Glitz and glamour come to the Big Top as Miss Grace Olivia returns to put the ‘Wonder’ into ‘Wonderland’!


In her fabulous foot juggling fiesta Grace Olivia magically manipulates seemingly impossible objects using only her feet, until they whirl and twirl and blur before your eyes in a sparkling show stopping sensation and fire flying finale that will leave the crowd cheering for more!






Seeing is believing as this dazzling duo defy gravity in this high  altitude heart stopper in the roof of the Big Top.


Tempting fate in a suspenseful series of graceful grasps and spectacular spins without any safety devices!




Danny & Kayley

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the fast and furious feats exhilaratingly executed in this dizzying display of breathtaking balance and perilously poised perfection, as this most charismatic couple come wheeling into Wonderland in a unique unicycling union.


Duo Arlanov

Floating and flying from their seductively spiralling silks, Duo Arlanov present a sensual symphony of style and suspense, in a billowing bouquet of beauty and bravery high above the circus ring.



Our Parisian Princess of the high trapeze delicately dices with danger to the delight and disbelief of the awestruck audience far below!


The Centners

Roaring into the ring at full throttle, The Centners accelerate the deftly

dexterous art of juggling to a whole new gear in a daredevil display of masterful manipulation and flame throwing flair that lights up the Big Top and has audiences on the edge of their seats!



Raising the temperature with his striking combination of strength, agility and muscular good looks, this Argentinian Adonis provocatively poses on his perilous pole in a fearless fusion of power and precision.



This colourful character springs into action in a brilliantly bizarre ultra-violet novelty. A firm favourite with audiences young and old, Circus Wonderland have brought him back due to popular demand!


No visit to Circus Wonderland is complete without meeting our lovable mascots Ernie the Elephant, Mickey the Monkey and Bertie Bear.


Popular favourites with audiences young and old, these cuddly characters bring a touch of magic to our performance and love to have fun with Kakehole and Mr Popol, and also like having their photographs taken with you in the interval!

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