Kakehole & Mr Popol

Circus Wonderland proudly presents Britain’s favourite clowns with a manic menu of mirth and mayhem!


With comical catastrophes, magical mishaps and reappearing rodents, Kakehole and Mr Popol return with their unique brand of traditional tomfoolery. With his musical talents and wardrobe of glittering outfits, Mr Popol is the elegant host of today’s performance, but unfortunately Kakehole is always on hand to interrupt and infuriate him at every opportunity, and his attempts to assist always end in disaster.


Kakehole’s cheeky, mischievous personality has made him very popular with Circus Wonderland’s regular audiences, who will also be looking out for an appearance from the real star of the show, his pet rat Barbara!

Grace Olivia

Circus Wonderland’s very own ‘Miss Glitz and Glamour’ returns to glitter under the spotlight in a hypnotic hula hooping highlight!


Miss Grace Olivia’s heavenly hoops whirl and twirl and blur before your eyes, while her captivating cube spins and spirals into a myriad of mesmerising manoeuvres in a sparkling show-stopping sensation. Putting the ‘Wonder’ into ‘Wonderland’ she then raises the temperature and lights up the Big Top with her fiery flame throwing finale!

Duo Arlanov

The spotlight shines on our seductively scintillating songbird Nadia, until the arrival of a pestering party animal drives our desirable diva to disco disaster!


Ruslan, our master of misadventure, stumbles, bumbles and tumbles to the vexation of our vivacious vocalist, before springing and somersaulting into the air with barmy bouncing buffoonery that turns into a thrilling trampolining triumph!

Miss Rachel

Gracefully gliding through the upper reaches of the Big Top in an eloquent expression of alluring aerial artistry, Rachel’s powerful performance is a breath taking blend of beauty and bravery.


Fearlessly flying high without any safety devices, Rachel daringly dazzles and delights in a suspenseful series of spectacular spins and spine chilling stances, in a stunning soliloquy of style and suspense!

Kevin Takacs

A colourful cascade of clubs, balls and rings whirl and whizz through the air in a deftly dexterous display of masterful manipulation from Kevin Takacs.


Watch in wonder at the fast and furious feats of our jubilant juggler in this elegantly effortless exhibition of a classic circus art, in a prolific, pulsating presentation that has the audience cheering for more!



The Man Of Iron

Look out for a very special guest appearance from our superlative superhero, The Man of Iron.


High altitude agility and bungee bouncing brilliance combine in a fearless flight of fantasy that thrills audiences of all ages!

The Veslovskis

Circus Wonderland proudly presents the stars of the Moscow State Circus, The Veslovskis!


These rousing Russian rope spinners will amaze you with their lively lassoing and wild whip cracking, a memorable master class in dead shot accuracy and precision in a colourful Cossack carnival that has amazed audiences around the world!


This charismatic couple also star in a captivating quick changing conundrum, costumes change in the blink of an eye in a mesmerising magical moment that leaves our stunned spectators with just one question...


How do they do it???



No visit to Circus Wonderland is complete without meeting our lovable mascots Ernie the Elephant, Mickey the Monkey and Bertie Bear.


Popular favourites with audiences young and old, these cuddly characters bring a touch of magic to our performance and love to have fun with Kakehole and Mr Popol, and also like having their photographs taken with you in the interval!

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